Saturday, April 22, 2006

Racing in the Moment

I want to race across to the ocean with you to see what our hearts will do
To face the breakers in the cold fierce wind with eyes to the horizon
Standing on a cliff with arms held out and twirling around in the sun
Laughing at the blur of all things that flash by
our legs fly over the ground

Like walking in the rain on a hot summer's day
I feel the steam rising from my skin
Holding hands just know that we have touched one another in some way
How much time is too much
how long do you need to think about someone
The electricity that I watch with fascination
mesmerized by me and you

To always leap and dance with absolute abandon and joy
Spin me around one more time only to spin me back your way
A moment is all I need
To know how to breathe though it is hitched
To always be tormented by lack of oxygen and recognition

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is impressive. With a few of your word choices, you walked right up to the line of being cliche, but you never crossed it. You managed to keep it independent and fresh, which is a real challenge with a love poem- very nice.