Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hitchcock's Genius

The water is moving rapidly today
I sit here and feel the moisture in the wood from last night's rain
A front is coming in
I don't need the weather man to tell me
I can feel it in the wind as it blows my hair in front of my eyes
Making my writing hard to see
I see the front coming in the river's choppy waves
The sun is out and really that is what I care about
Too many storms and overcast days have clouded my mind for sometime
I write better here even with the seagull staring at me
Reminding me that Hitchcock was a genius
The gull wants food and is only three feet from me
All I have is coffee
I wonder what a hopped up on caffeine seagull would look like

March 16, 2006


Neil said...

I like the imagery of this one. And the humor at the end -- if it was humor?!!!

Chelle said...


Hyperion said...

This is pretty sweet.

by the way, I think the gull wanted you!