Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Waiting for the Sun

Driving along the highway
I watched as a few stars peaked over the tree line
Feeling alone again and barricaded in the loneliness of my mind
The tree line gave way for a moment and the big dipper appeared
On the edge of the horizon

Quickly the trees appeared and again I saw only the twinkling of a few stars

Night comes heavier in Fall and only gives way to darker nights of Winter
Earlier and colder they come
As the chilled wind races over the highway

The stars come earlier too
Lighting the sky in crystal clarity that can only be cold
They sparkle, the billions of the them firing the years away
Coming to us only so we can see them; basking in our admiration

Their names twinkle to those who look up
Yet my neck is tired and heavy with disappointment
I am finding it hard to venture the stars own mythology that I love

Lend me your light will you?
It is hard to see at night with no moon
I must raise my gaze to you even then

The rhyme comes back to me from my teenage years
I am not doing a good job holding it back
Fulfilling every self-fulfilling prophecy

Yet it can't be true because my answering machine is suddenly alive
I must answer these calls like I do when the stars beg me to look up
For how else would I be alive?

December 07, 2005