Monday, April 03, 2006


How can I doubt myself
Mistakes I make are my own
I learn to own who I am
Who else can I be

Who else is there to judge me if not myself
Others can only reflect mistakes that I've made
Not flaws in character
I am the possessor of those

I am not here to judge people around me
I'd cast the stones upon myself first
Not for sins that I have done
But not to hurt any who are in my company

For what is this life if not to touch another
To feel a touch that is in love
Far too often we brush up against another's edges
Bruised and cut by unintentional words and actions

I do not want this from myself
I offer down the humblest apologies
Life is already a myriad of unanswered questions
I do not want anyone's scars to come from me

April 03,2006

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lost goddess said...

Love this one it