Monday, March 20, 2006

The Scream

The scream; anguish, a low rending sound that moans; cries
Pounds against the heart wanting release from its own misery

Pain; howling, snarling, scratching, relentless pursuit
Chasing down, coyotes, snapping at the heels, teeth bearing down 'till it can be felt

Rain patters, drops splash, cold, there is no shelter
Flinching; each drop falls, lonely and deserted with no roof in sight

Sadness; mourning, a wash of waterfalls that spill over this break in the bend
The current leaves no opportunities in this direction

A void, emptiness, a vastness where something valuable stood, then decimated
Connections are broken by nothing but distance and confusion

Shattered, fragile pieces, quiet explosion felt, blunt trauma to the heart and head
A whisper not uttered breaks delicateness into a million pieces

Coldness; shaking, icy wind numbs the face, a dream still dreamt
Refusing to die, shivering without a blanket to hold

Picking, the itchy scab that forms, ugly in its discoloration
Bleed wounds freely; no scar; new skin only

Ashes, gray, disguise the color, the beauty
Covering the shiny newness of a path traveled only a few steps

Scraping, sound, shivers, down the spine
The pick, the axe, working, shedding debris, knocking down the walls left standing

Frustration shouts, pounds, for action, no action can be taken; now
Action, only, to learn how to be softer, to mend, to re-grow what was given away,

Splashing, sinking down, drowning, a morbid reverberation,
Tossing away pieces, weights; once a part of the whole that impeded before

Wanting, craving, amending, somehow, useless
No words uttered now, can make a sound, meaningful?

Silence, softens, in its immensity, the edges with thought
Thoughts, changing perspective, soften the heart, do not disrupt the quiet solace

Sigh, temperate, a release of meaning
Resigned, sorrow, frustration, finally acceptance, then recovery

May 31, 2004

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