Thursday, March 09, 2006


Easy would be taking what I feel and putting it on a shelf or killing it off
Not having to deal with the chaos of emotions that swarm my head
Making each decision a cold analytical study instead of being unencumbered to feel
Could live in a bubble in which no one can reach me

Easy would be giving my heart away to anyone that came along
Enjoying moment by moment without contemplation or consequences
No responsibility for what I am feeling; feeling without thought
Every experience becomes tinged with falseness and anything real slips by

Easy would be being the Supreme Being in my universe
Knowing what life had in store and acting on a preplanned strategy
Arranging the world to my liking; shutting out what is distasteful to my palate
No one could affect me because I would have no heart

Easy would be staying home all the time becoming a recluse
The world would not exist for me; life would become peripheral
Not engaging with anyone or anything; numbed as if watching TV
My heart would be a vast winter land, disaffected and my brain would be on hold

Easy to give up on everyone and everything
Easy to trust the world for what it is
Easy to live in denial; to believe in all the world
Easy to be cynical and jaded
Easy to see just the black and white

Never want the easy way out
Never want to think that working reaching for what I want is too much
Never want to disregard colors or the shades of gray
Never want to think life is an either and an or
Never want to the see the impossibilities of trying to combine the extremes
Never want to let an opportunity go by because it is difficult
Never want to give up on hope
Never want to believe in easy

April 14, 2004

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