Thursday, February 09, 2006


Soothing, the music caresses the soul the way water fills me, washes me in calm
Hearing the refrain brings a memory that sees, feels, and smells
Deep Blue Something’s song brings a laundry line, a guitar and man’s voice
Reminding me of a carefree girl that just found that the world is a jewel
A promise and a secret that belongs to her and anyone else who would seek it
Delight surrounds the air, dancing along the gentle breeze wafting with the notes of a cheap guitar

Memory is sealed some 10 years after, fossilized in the breast like the secret that cannot be told
Carrying the world on shoulders that know the sunlight touches life differently than it once did
Recollections and visits to the ocean redeem the choices
No longer is the world alight with infinite possibilities
A life and a direction now built knows what road was not taken
Wonderings at what else life could have held, better or worse, are only reflections

Yet, Blue Skies sings away maudlin ramblings and brings sunshine back into focus
I hear the choruses in certain moments and wish for the moment that life could be sung
Like an old Hollywood musical or a Broadway show, I would break out into song instead of speaking
Maybe I would tap or dance my way through periods of life
Seemingly others have at times expressed the moment more eloquently than I
I could stitch together the lyrics and sing my thoughts out

Seeing old friends brings to mind again that this instant is but a flash
Maybe the course is not set and possibilities are still alight in my mind
Sun arises again, and again I am washed by its light
The air is now cleaner and I breathe deep the chances that are offered to me
Being reminded that change comes constantly and consistently
Change evolves the mind making it sharper, kinder, and more aware

Taking moments such as these, spinning them around in the mind to see their refractions of light
Hold all these thoughts close to the heart and let them nourish my sometimes-deprived soul
From here I can take the next step into the next moment because I walk on a foundation
That step is where I can test my wings and feel the glory of wind as it rushes and lifts
It is a scary instant when progressing into the future because only hindsight is perfect
Yet I know I would be bereft of all the flights my soul is destined to take between here and eternity

Maybe the flight has a different tenor and resonance than the reckless flights before
Appreciating the scenery as well as the flight becomes a priority for the senses
Every granule is as important as the whole even though synergy makes the picture
Every heartbeat is unlocked, unfrozen and beats with renewed vigor
From above the water, the wind and land below still soothe me; making for an easy landing

February 1, 2004

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