Friday, January 27, 2006


I miss you, I miss the whole of you
I miss the moment we were; I miss that feeling, like I could breathe
I miss the way you held me; the way your voice cradled me
I miss the way my soul sang at having a connection like that
I miss the joy when I thought about the moment we share
I miss the way you looked at me; the intensity is burned in my mind
I miss holding your hand; the way you held mine, so secure
I miss being in your arms; I miss laughing in your arms
I miss the silence in which we spoke
I miss teasing you and trying to make you laugh
I miss your smile
I miss your presence enfolding me in security like a hug
I miss the passion you ignited
I miss touching you; I miss your touch
I miss trying to figure you out; I miss the puzzle you created
I miss the trying, even through email
I miss the possibilities, the chances, the beginnings
I miss the learning, learning about each other
I miss when we tried
I miss you

May 22, 2004

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