Sunday, September 25, 2005


I am not sure how I feel
Has it been so long since I started to strip away the walls
Too many, in abundance, to know what I feel
I don't want to be kept in darkness and secret
Need to fully know all my nuances
I am happy, sad, scared, irritated, and frustrated

Frustration is slowly dying
Fear is standing on the brink
Sadness is examining the past
Irritation doesn't want to be in existence but hasn't played it's turn out
Happiness in knowing someone new;
teaching me the next lesson of this journey

I am cautious in my new acquaintances
Waiting to see what connection I am making
I reach and find gladness in knowing that someone out there is:
True, good, sweet, passionate, fun and knows that touching is how we survive

I hang in the balance
Approaching this wall that was hidden away
Exploring it for it's function; purpose
I wait to see which way my heart jumps
Yet I know that no matter;
This is worth the knowing

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