Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Living In a Box

I like how you perceive me when you do not know who I am

I like your conception of me

I like the way you try and fit me into a box with labels already made

I like the fact that you got me all figured out

When I surprise you, it was just a fluke

When I do not judge you, it because you already have made my mind up for me

When I do not conform to the right or the left, it is because society is thinking for me

When I finally get angry, I am what you thought you would see, & you can say goodbye

So you do not understand that I cannot hate you

You cannot understand that I make up my own mind

You will not see the colors because the black and white is easier

You do not see that I have been there

I waited for you to show me who you are; what do I have to be so you can see me

See that even though all people are not the same that they share some compatibility

See that opportunities and chances in this life are sometime rare

See that if you judge me, you will never understand me

Go ahead and play with your friends because you like your bubble

New ideas cannot be welcome if they cause you to think about your perspective

Do not understand that everything is not defined

You, who would turn away if anyone defined you

Someday life is going to shock you and your character will be the better for it

Someday life is going change and you will not know where you are

Someday life is going to be harder than you realized

Someday life is going to reward you for living through it

May 15, 2004

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