Monday, August 22, 2005

The Unwritten Soundtrack

Music surrounded; in and of itself,
layered harmonies, melodies; simplistic, raw, pure
a soundtrack that occupies my waking moments note by note, building chords, riffs and then
progressions where all my vignettes are intertwined with song except
for this one

there is nothing that describes this fear
of losing what I have barely found
closing doors which have only been cracked open

no love song, no country cliché of heartbreak
no stereotypical pop formula to capture this gritty
devastating and irrational fear

Mozart could not bring this raw gripped feeling forward, not like
Bach whose Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor is aptly made
for a cheesy Bela Lugosi film; the monster he plays appears on screen
in some musty dank castle preparing to lure in his next victim
as the music starts
the Tocatta

the same music yet captures me running after the promise
I found in me, a special part that freed me from my own walls
Not unlike the villagers burning the castle in order to
save their children; I only long to enjoy my new found self
making sure I am not ripped from it

I rather be swept up in the Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
or lifted by Water Music Suite – by Handel
to be that noble, full of joy, the sunshine of just a smile
combined with the magic of Vildaldi’s Seasons –Spring
nothing can’t be handled in that place
that fairytale land where confidence doesn’t flee you
where life is all of what is inside

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