Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How do I listen to what my heart is thinking?
How do I discover when I emphasize the dramatic?
Where is the essence, the kernel, of truth when surrounded by peripherals?
What I long for
What I need
What I deserve
What I want

Do these thoughts clouds the initial emotions?
What do I know to be the truth?
Does what the truth is matter?
Could misdirection bring what I desire?
Is this the beginning?
Is this an illusion?
Is illusion reality?
Is this right path?

Can imagination bring forth realization?
Is over- analyzation the root to death?
Can acceptance overcome uncertainty?
Does action overcome fear?
Does it exist?
Does it need to?
Does the right now?

Why is my heart beating so hard?
Are these words so powerful?
Are these thoughts?
Is my heart answering my questions?
Do I know the truth?
Can I surmount inaction?

I realize I’ve been here before
I’ve been wrong before
I don’t regret it
But being mistaken about this will hurt
When will I be right?
Will I know?

Can I take the chance?
Can I leap too soon?
Isn’t risk worth the consequences?
Why do I fear?

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