Sunday, April 03, 2005


A stop; re-evaluation
Organize; Categorize
According to the alpha
To the numeric
To priorities set by the head
Set by the heart
By both

Organize by remembrances
By childhood happiness
By adult dissatisfaction
By the wildness of doing things never been done before

Maybe all the above
Maybe by none
By something new

Life; too pretty, too tempestuous not to make decisions
Me, for myself, demands thought and passion

Setting forth on an adventure
No baggage
No expectations
Searching for the elusive creature want

On safari beyond boundaries
Parasailing for the first time
Body Surfing tremendous tides
Riding a horse without holding the reins
Shivers down the spine
Falling in Love
Making a friend
Traveling to places, new

Defining, redefining
Exploring to find what I want

Never wanting to not want at all


Anonymous said...

the last line is especially profound. thanks for writing this lovely piece.

Anonymous said...