Friday, November 12, 2004


Every moment of being in this place infuses me with serenity
A place outside myself where enjoyment lives in continuity
With the landscape that sits before me

At the fog's tendrils touch the shore
Hugging it in one last embrace before the sun burns a little brighter
Forcing the morning lovers to part

At twilight, sounds move a little slower
Hearts take one beat at a time
Turning to face the oncoming night

Smelling the ocean from the boardwalk; Breathing a little deeper,
Feeling release from always active thoughts
Myself is not myself; myself is a part of here

The sounds, the smells, the motions
The continuousness and stillness intertwine
The motion creates the stillness; the stillness brings forth the motion

The smiles, the laughter, the voices, relax in their white sound
Come here with my paper and coffee, to breathe in the early morning
Soon the paper has been abandoned in favor of soaking in the world of here

This is not the only place
Other places have created the same belonging
That sense is displayed in the faces of the people who live there
The way people can see it in mine

I have heard Etta James from a boat's CD player on a Saturday morning
Like all noises here, it is not a distraction from the beauty
It enriches the landscape; adding and blending, setting the mood

Every motion is synchronous with every other
Given to relaxation to feel apart of this creation
Contributing and harmonizing with this place

Listen long enough and words of wisdom will answer every question, soothing doubt
If shattered, even the smallest bit, I find life here, soul here, peace here
I walk from here and am me, carrying the life of here with me

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite piece (with the exception of Six Perfect Hours).